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Lol Cooper Band (LCB) + New Musical Experience (NME) = Entertainment. What’s in a name? Quite a lot really! This would not be as sweet as by any other. As the bud opens into leaf on the branch of a tree, the LCB with its NME has evolved into a natural equanimity. A seven piece gravitational combination, in the manner of a Lol Cooper jigsaw puzzle; all the pieces are now in place. View our gallery.

Lol Cooper Band Member Lol
Lol Cooper
The man behind the sight and sound, guitarist, sound engineer, producer and creative force.
Leighanne Lol Cooper Band Member
Leighanne Laming
Mellifluous vocalist and keyboard player; Cooper to college connection (late 1980s).
Kirsten Lol Cooper Band Member
Kirsten Wilson
Harmonious singer and keyboard player; karaoke to Cooper connection.
John Lol Cooper Band Member
John Bradshaw
Tokaist from Cavalier
Late in the 80’s disappeared
Lost in poetry deep within
Heard the call, reappeared again.
Tim Lol Cooper Band Member
Tim A. Duncan
All about the bass! And treble! Lethal Cavalier, master of level.
Phil Wilks
Drumming up another Cavalier connection, Phil of the Beats joins LCB as the real thing, welcome aboard Mr Wilks.
David Lol Cooper Band Member
David Meller
Theatrical Cavalier connection; joined with the band as their voiceover thespian.

It’s Lol About The “Myth and Atmosphere”

Since the Lol Cooper Bands inception in 2016; the axiom of meaningful coincidence has fairly crackled through the fabric of this band. When something is needed, it appears. When something is attempted it works. When an idea can help or improve, it arrives out of nowhere like something coming out of nothing but augmenting everything.

In continuum, following the Lol Cooper Bands debut album in 2018, their second album has been released in October 2022. The new album is called Soul to Sun and whilst continuing to progress the unfolding of process in the bands signature poetry rock, it resonates nicely with the first album, whilst at the same time, with its light and shade, contrasting the colours of four years ago, captured in Poetry and Fairytales.

Along with coincidence and connection, the band have a curiosity about the moments which make up time, and enjoy building in the present, something worthy of the future, built on a foundation from the past. With this in mind Phil Wilks, former Slow Bongo Floyd and drummer in Lol Cooper’s Cavalier Studios in the early 1980’s returns as the engine room of the rhythm section. Joining the two lead singers, Leighanne Laming and Kirsten Wilson, to share in an ever expanding harmony, are Laurie Ashworth and Natalie Joan, who also play keyboards and violin on a video performance of four live tracks from Soul to Sun. This was recorded at the atmospheric theatrical venue in the Peak District, New Mills Art Theatre, to celebrate 100 years of it opening its doors. The singers form a band within a band and have picked up the sobriquet, The Harmony Angels.

Soul to sun is the mid point, in a three book triune mini musical library. No More Lights In the Bay, the projected third album is already underway with an intention to capture that live sound prior to recording, which evokes the old style magic circles of reel to reel, when bands got together, and played, then went into the recording studio and cooked up a unique musical preserve. This was the way in the Stockport Cavalier Studio of the 1980’s and 1990’s and the band have something of the studio Resurgam in mind, as they aim at number three.

Back to the present; the band have a launch night coming up for the 2022 Soul to Sun release, which will again be at New Mills Art Theatre, to help celebrate one hundred years of entertainment. As The Lol Cooper Band continue to enjoy the privilege of being able to make music together in a band that allows them to express themselves;  Soul to Sun will be promoted with news items, posted on the web site for those with an interest in the Lol Cooper Bands New Musical Experience.

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