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Music videos are available for
each of our songs filmed and
produced locally at
Cavalier Studios in Stockport

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Know aught that should is written
The narrative deep in the self
Finding and reading, unearthing a treasure
Yield and move as destiny wills

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The Introduction

The book is a window
Through which you can see
A river resource
In a cipher of poetry

Raindrops itinerant
Born of the sky
Damping a surface
Or flow into life

In effortless streams
Let essence emerge
Glide into confluence
Kindred converge

Answers to questions
Union of joy
Freed of your chains
As a girl or a boy

From man or from woman
You have become
Reflection of moon
Warmth of the sun

Sparkling streams
To waters deep
Truth from illusion
Music and poetry

New Album

Soul to Sun

Lol Cooper Band / Soul to Sun
  • 1
    Mind’s Eye
  • 2
    White Nancy
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
    Right to Ramble
  • 6
Previous Album

Poetry & Fairytales

Lol Cooper Band / Poetry & Fairytales
  • 1
    Poetry & Fairytales
  • 2
    She's Waiting
  • 3
    Battle of the Sexes
  • 4
    Made for Girls
  • 5
    First Time
  • 6
    The Fable
  • 7
    Live & Learn